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The INAPRO research facility in Abtshagen (Germany) is running since February 2015 producing tilapia and tomatoes.

The INAPRO research facility was built as a light version, i.e. without the cooling condensation fin tubes under the roof of the greenhouse. The total area of the facility is 196 m², and consists of a technical room (14 m²) with a combined heat and power plant (CHP) and the computer control system, the fish farm with the RAS (43 m²) and a Venlo-type greenhouse (139 m²).

The research facility has been used to test all the parameters of the system and to collect data concerning oxygen value, air and leaf temperature, water and energy use, nutrients exchange and system productivity. The results obtained though the tests have been used to optimise the system and finalise the others demonstration sites.


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The demonstration site

The greenhouse

The fish tanks

The tomato plants

The tomato plants