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INAPRO demonstration sites

To prove that the INAPRO system can produce sustainable food while saving resources in large scale rural installations, the INAPRO partners have realised four INAPRO demonstration sites in Europe and one in China. In Europe, the demonstration sites are located in Abtshagen (Germany), Waren (Germany), Murcia (Spain) and Rumbeke-Beitem (Belgium), while the Chinese one is located in Shouguang.

Generally, the demonstration sites consist of two parts: the fish production units and the greenhouses for the plant production. The different geographical locations were selected to prove that the INAPRO system is adaptable and economically viable under different climatic conditions.


INAPRO demonstration sites:

Abtshagen - Germany

Waren - Germany

Murcia - Spain

Rumbeke-Beitem - Belgium

Shouguang - China