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Tomatenfisch project

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July 19th 2017: Members of the European Parliament discover the INAPRO demonstration site in Waren

April 12th 2017: INAPRO aquaponics becomes a reality in Waren

KICK OFF MEETING - February 11th 2014: New large-scale aquaponics project funded by the EU – optimized food and water management



Our Publications

Efficient and economical way of operating a recirculation aquaculture system in an aquaponics farm -
Divas Karimanzira, Karel Keesman, Werner Kloas, Daniela Baganz, Thomas Rauschenbach, Journal of Aquaculture Economics & Management, December 2016, Pages 1-18

Advanced aquaponics: Evaluation of intensive tomato production in aquaponics vs. conventional hydroponics - Johanna Suhl, Dennis Dannehl, Werner Kloas, Daniela Baganz, Sebastian Jobs, Günther Scheibe, Uwe Schmidt, Agricultural Water Management, Volume 178, December 2016, Pages 335–344

Dynamic modeling of the INAPRO aquaponic system - Divas Karimanzira, Karel J. Keesman, Werner Kloas, Daniela Baganz, Thomas Rauschenbach, Aquacultural Engineering, Volume 75, November 2016, Pages 29–45

Navigating towards Decoupled Aquaponic Systems: A System Dynamics Design Approach - Simon Goddek, Carlos Alberto Espinal, Boris Delaide, Mohamed Haissam Jijakli, Zala Schmautz, Sven Wuertz and Karel J. Keesman, Water, Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2016

Model of an aquaponic system for minimised water, energy and nitrogen requirements - D. Reyes Lastiri, T. Slinkert, H. J. Cappon, D. Baganz, G. Staaks, K. J. Keesman, Water Science & Technology, July 2016

A new concept for aquaponic systems to improve sustainability, increase productivity, and reduce environmental impacts - Werner Kloas, Roman Groß, Daniela Baganz, Johannes Graupner, Henrik Monsees, Uwe Schmidt, Georg Staaks, Johanna Suhl, MartinTschirner, Bernd Wittstock, Sven Wuertz, Andrea Zikova, Bernhard Rennert, Aquaculture Environment Interactions (AEI), 2015

Circular Economy and Economic Viability of Aquaponic Systems: Comparing Urban, Rural and Peri-urban Scenarios under Dutch ConditionsMinke Stadler, Daniela Baganz, Tycho Vermeulen, Karel J Keesman, Proceedings of the ICESC 2015, Gold Coast, Australia, 2015

Optimisation of water, energy and nutrient requirements for an aquaponic system with interacting production loops - Thomas Slinkert, Daniel Reyes Lastiri, Hans Cappon, Karel J Keesman, Proceedings of the New Developments in IT and Water Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015



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