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Development of the computer models to calculate the most efficient water, energy and nutrients management solutions

September 2014

The modelling results for water, nutrients and energy management are integrated in a computer model and used to calculate and forecast optimal solution for a sustainable and economic viable INAPRO system


Design and practical development of the aquaponic modules for water and energy management (filters, hydraulic system, wastewater system, sensors) based on the outcome of the model


February 2015

The modules for water and energy management are developed and optimised on the basis of the model results

Integration and testing of the developed models for water and energy management and of the hardware and software components in the manufactured site – Abstagen - (taking into consideration the specific solutions for different locations)


June 2015

The models are integrated in the manufactured site. Tests considering specific solutions for different geographical locations have been run

Installation of different INAPRO greenhouses in rural areas to prove the viability of the concept taking into account the geographical diversity of the locations


February 2016

INAPRO rural demonstration greenhouses are finished and optimised on the basis of geographical specificities

Tests and validation of the INAPRO greenhouses located in rural areas to check the full functionality of the system


October 2017

Positive results from the tests demonstrate the viability of the INAPRO system in rural areas under different climatic conditions

Construction of the urban demonstration system at different end-users sites


April 2016

Construction of the urban demonstration system completed

Validation of the urban demonstration systems

November 2017

Urban demonstration system works and proves that INAPRO is scalable to installations of different dimensions


Dissemination and Exploitation activities carried out


November 2017

Planned dissemination and exploitation activities fulfilled

Project completed

December 2017

Demonstration phase completed, final report published