European Parliament Plenary adopts the resolution on a sustainable and competitive European aquaculture sector

Wednesday June 20, 2018

Last week, during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs voiced their support for the non-legislative resolution for a sustainable and competitive European aquaculture sector and adopted it by a large majority. The resolution is hoped to be the key towards unlocking the full potential of aquaculture in the European Union according to three main guidelines: Firstly, the Parliament proposes stricter criteria for imported aquaculture products, meaning that they should meet the same standards as EU ones. Secondly, the resolution calls for faster and clearer administrative procedures, through a fast-track licensing system in order to attract more investors, and the creation of a “one-stop shop” which will act as a single administrative body. Finally, the resolution aims to improve consumer information through an EU-wide information campaign.

Aquaponics is mentioned multiple times in the adopted text as one of the key elements that will improve the sustainability of the EU aquaculture sector. In fact, the European Parliament states in the resolution that aquaponics is one of the “innovative, future-oriented, environmentally responsible aquaculture practices”. Furthermore, the Parliament highlights “the potential of integrated multitrophic aquaculture and recirculation systems and aquaponics in urban areas” and calls on the Commission and the Member States to “promote innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in aquaculture, such as aquaponics”.

The rapporteur of said resolution, Carlos Iturgaiz (EPP), stated that “the problems have been identified, the solutions as well. What we need is political impetus and the right amount of subsidiarity in managing aquaculture”. The resolution has been forwarded to the Commission that may decide to take the Parliament’s suggestions into consideration as basis for new EU rules aimed at further developing the EU aquaculture sector.


Access the adopted text here.

Access the press release by the Parliament here.

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